The One Fund Is Shutting Down Operations

Donations will not be accepted after December 15.


Photo provided by the city of boston

The One Fund Boston, a 501c3 organization that was created by Governor Deval Patrick and the late Boston Mayor Tom Menino to help Marathon bombing victims, will cease operations next week after donating $80 million to those affected by the explosions.

The fund’s website says that “100 percent of all donations were dispersed, with no overhead expenses, thanks to the extraordinary efforts made by volunteers, and companies who offered pro bono professional services.”

According to a statement by The One Fund, the charity will no longer accept donations after Dec. 15.

“Now, after over a year and a half of operations we have completed our task,” said Jim Gallagher, president of the One Fund, in the statement. “In this season of hope, it is our wish that a fund of this nature is never needed again.”

The fund also gave $1.5 million to create the One Fund Center at Massachusetts General Hospital and Massachusetts Eye and Ear, which will offer ongoing care to people affected by the explosions.

“Much like veterans who suffer adverse effects after returning from combat, many of those who were near the site of the marathon bombings continue to experience a wide range of complex issues,” said John Herman, M.D., associate chief of the MGH Department of Psychiatry and a member of the advisory panel for the One Fund Center, in a statement. “The physical and psychological scars of such a significant and tragic event often require long-term, coordinated treatments to help alleviate the lingering debilitating effects.”