The November Project Got a Book Deal

The free fitness phenomenon made the announcement on their blog.

They’ve graced magazine covers, had numerous write-ups in a variety of publications—including Boston more than 12 times dating back to 2012—and have taken their talents international. Now, the November Project, the free fitness phenomenon born in the Commonwealth, announced on its blog this week that the “tribes” will soon be in bookstores nationwide—complete with sweaty hugs, of course.

A year ago, writer Caleb Daniloff penned a feature in Runner’s World on the movement, and now he’ll be writing the group’s story (with assists from founders Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric) for Rodale Publishing House with a release date set for Spring/Summer 2016.

According to the website:

Stories, experiences, and history will all play a part in this project about the Project. Caleb, as one of the more dedicated Boston tribe members and as the original voice of the piece that rocketed “NP” at the close of last year, will be writing and organizing much of this book, with Bojan, myself, many of the Co-Leaders, and many of you all as contributors. Photos? Yeah there’ll be photos! F-bombs? Yeah there’ll be F-bombs! Babies? You see what I did there.

With a final manuscript to be delivered before this coming summer, this book will be ready to put in front of our eyes (and many sets of eyes that are new to November Project) a year later. This will be perfect timing as you look to give all of your friends and family their Boston Marathon and Pre-Olympic Games gifts sometime in the Spring/Summer of 2016.

So if you can’t get enough of the November Project (and seriously, when is free fitness ever out of style?) now you’ll get to read a whole 300-pages about it, including personal photos and backstories that you most likely have not read before.