C2 Pilates Expands, Adds New Classes

The Pilates and barre studio will soon offer pole dancing.


Photo by melissa malamut

The old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” could not be more appropriate than when looking at the nondescript, large brick building on the corner of East 1st Street and Summer Street in South Boston.

The exterior of the building, which sits across the street from a partially abandoned power plant, looks like it hasn’t been touched since the 70s. But, this is just the shell, hiding what is arguably some of Boston’s most beautiful beauty and health businesses—Shag has two large loft spaces in the building, and Sarra, a makeup and eyebrow studio, is so stunning you’ll want to hang out there all day. Also in the building is a Pilates studio called C2. (Disclosure: I am a regular reformer Pilates client at C2.)

C2, which also has a popular Dedham location, has been in the building for about three years, says co-owner Carolyn Stuart, who has been teaching Pilates since 1999, and has also worked as a physical therapist. The Pilates studio just moved across the hall to make room for a new pole dancing studio.

“We were looking to launch another program that would complete physical movement, so we wanted to add pole dancing,” Stuart says. “We wanted to upgrade the Pilates studio and redo it and add pole to go along with barre. With pole, it’s so daring. It’s moving your body in a different way. We developed a program that will get you stronger. It’s about finding the technique and learning to push and pull from the right place. It’s a great balance to complete exploring movement.”

A few months ago, C2 also completely revamped its barre program which is now called BeatBarre. What makes it different from other barre methods is how the music is used and infused throughout the program. BeatBarre is housed in a standalone, small brick building next door to the Pilates studio so that they can “play the music as loud as we’d like,” Stuart says.

“Our program is music-inspired movement. Music plays a huge part and takes you on that journey to find in your body,” Stuart says. “Instead of turning off that mind-body connection it helps you get into it more. It promotes consistency to follow that beat to keep connected. Also, everyone has a different beat in their body.”

840 Summer Street, 617-719-0567, c2pilates.com