The Vampire Facelift Is Now Available in Boston

It looks like a bloody good time.

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Humans have been looking for some sort of anti-aging miracle potion since Ponce de Leon’s futile quest for the Fountain of Youth. But the billion dollar beauty business continues to churn out new—and expensive—treatments promising to banish wrinkles, smooth fine lines, plump up cheeks and lips, and even flatten eye bags.

Fortunately, social media makes it easy to document the lengths some people will go to keep their skin taut and youthful. One of those “out there” procedures is the Vampire Facelift. Made famous by Kim Kardashian and supermodel Bar Refaeli, both of whom shared their Vampire Facelift procedures on Instagram, the trademarked technique—by Alabama doctor Charles Runel—claims to rejuvenate the face, restoring shape and improving tone and texture.

Now, you can try the treatment for yourself on Newbury Street. Nichole Brennan, owner of Skin Deep Med Spa (231 Newbury Street), has been in the business for more than 10 years, and has been performing the procedure for about two years. She says that at her business the treatment costs about $1,000 on average, but that most people need a few sessions to see results. Also, each appointment must be spaced out at least three months apart.

“After a consultation and going over the areas concern, we draw blood and we put it into a centrifuge machine which separates the red and white blood cells and then we use a device to pull out the platelets,” Brennan says. “Then, we put the platelets back into the area that you want ‘fertilized.’ The whole thing takes about 30 minutes.”

Brennan says that clients can expect some swelling—lips swell the most, she says—because it stimulates your own cells to regenerate, a like fertilizer. The procedure was based on a treatment many pro athletes do, called “Platelet-Rich Plasma” or PRP, which is said to speed up recovery time because it is stimulating the collagen.

While most of the coverage on the procedure has been about the face, you can also have it done on the breasts. “The smile lines, cheeks if they are starting to sag, or the under eye area all work,” Brennan says. “Basically any areas that need filling. But the forehead, upper face, or in-between the brows would be treated with Botox, not this. I’ve had it done myself. I did a bunch of sessions, probably like five. I did it in the breast area, where you need more sessions. I had two kids, and my breasts sagged and stretched. It gave them a natural sort of filling.”

Brennan says the procedure lasts about two years, but if you are looking for instant results, this treatment may not be for you. Also, if you are squeamish around blood, you may want to check out a different anti-aging procedure. “It’s a slow process and its gradual,” she says. “People want instant results, so that’s the only downside. It’s a gradual subtle change.”

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