Is This the Coolest Group Fitness Class, Ever?

Group fitness classes are making a comeback.

Step aside CrossFit. Move over HIIT. Even though every fitness class trend list for the last few years has looked the same (HIIT, Tabata, CrossFit, yoga), and all these lists will tell you that group fitness classes like Zumba are no longer en vogue, I beg to differ. The American Council on Exercise’s annual list of workouts had the Latin dance class ranked at a low No. 34. But take one look at a Zumba class in Boston or NYC and you’ll be shaking your head. Because they are packed. Packed.

What’s the real fitness trend for 2015? Cardio dance group classes. Of course, Boston has yet to see many of these classes…yet. But give it a few years, and in typical Boston fitness fashion, it will slowly get here. Then, when it finally does, it will be on every corner. Like indoor cycling studios.

Cardio dance has been popular in NYC for years. In fact, in 2013 Well + Good said it’s “never been hotter.” As someone who is obsessed with group fitness, this makes me happy. That’s why when I noticed this trending video makes the rounds on Facebook, I knew I had to get this man to Boston. And so the campaign begins: #BringXtremeHipHopToBoston.

The class, which was previously called Hip Hop Insanity, had to change its name due to legal reasons. (Probably something to do with Shaun T, no?) Now, the class is called Xtreme Hip Hop, and it’s based out of Ohio with personal trainer Phillip Weeden at the helm. Based on his social presence, it seems this viral video has catapulted him into the spotlight, and he’ll be going on a national tour.

All the accolades are well deserved. The class, based on his YouTube channel, looks like a step/dance combo, and I’d buy this DVD or download the workout tomorrow. Check out the amazing video and join me in my new campaign to #BringXtremeHipHopToBoston.