The BCAE Has Canceled All Fitness Classes

At least for January and February.

BCAE exterior.

BCAE exterior.

Even though Boston is consistently ranked at or near the top of pretty much every health and fitness ranking in existence, Boston has learned that the Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) has canceled all of their fitness classes—at least for January and February. At this time, it is not known if fitness classes will ever return to the center again.

This come on the heels of the BCAE offering an amazing deal for classes that included cardio dance, Zumba, yoga, and more.

We reached out to the BCAE for a comment and Executive Director, Susie Brown, sent us this statement:

“We’ve listened to our consumers and quite frankly, fitness classes are not what they want. While other classes across our disciplines run extremely well, these types of classes seem better suited for gyms and studios dedicated 100% to that effort. The amount of space needed for these classes to run displaces much needed space and opportunities for us to expand other areas of education that often run at capacity with wait lists.”

This is shame for the city of Boston, and for the BCAE, especially during the busiest time of the fitness year (read: resolutioners). But it is understandable. With a fit city comes a lot of gyms, boutique studios, and personal training options. Perhaps, in this case, too many.