FlyBarre Is Coming to Boston

The barre component of Flywheel Sports will open in the Pru in February.

Outside FlyWheel in the Pru

Outside FlyWheel in the Pru

Flywheel Sports’ Boston location in the Pru is getting an upgrade. The studio, which has been open for more than a year, is building out a new room in the back to accommodate FlyBarre, the group’s barre workout.

If you’re familiar with other Flywheel locations, then you’ve seen FlyBarre before. I first came across FlyBarre in Boca Raton, Fla., and then again in NYC. I found that the workout does have similar components to other barre methods, but differs because the barre was used less, and props were used more. Plus, in the three sessions I took, I never really knew what to expect because the class kept changing.

Also, it’s safe to assume that Flywheel expects—but does not require—its barre clients to also be cycling clients, so the two workouts were built to compliment each other perfectly. That said, the programs are separate, and you don’t have to do both. FlyBarre’s website describes the class as:

FlyBarre is a total body sculpting class that blends the best of light weight training, dance, and core strengthening exercises. Using small intense interval exercises choreographed to immersive and inspiring music, FlyBarre quickly reshapes the body for lean, strong, and elongated muscles.

Expect FlyBarre to open in the Pru next month. Prices have not yet been posted, but for comparison, in NYC, a 10-pack of FlyBarre will cost you $320. A one class drop-in is $34. Now, before you put your wallet away, note that Boston prices may be less expensive. A 10-pack of cycling classes in Boston ($235) is almost $100 less expensive than in NYC ($320).