Blizzard Inspiration from Boston’s Fittest People

Here's how they spend a snow day.

Massachusetts, right now:

Via Giphy

Via Giphy


Now, if you want to rest all day and save your strength for the shovel out tomorrow—it’s sure to be a doozy—then go right ahead, no judgement. But, if you prefer some inspiration, here’s how some of Boston’s healthiest folks are spending their snow day.

Doing headstands.

YouTuber and fitness pro Lauren Hefez filmed an indoor workout video.

Runners are relentless. #cantstopwontstop

Not even a historic blizzard can stop @bostonmarathon runners @bostoncollege #BostonStrong

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George “Monk” Foreman III is spending his snow day teaching classes at his gym:

Pilates instructor Jennifer Phelan played in the snow with her dog.

These people went cross-country skiing in the North End.

And this guy cross-country skied around the Common.

These people woke up early and went to Recycle Studio for an indoor cycling class.

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If you choose a sweatpants and Netflix kind of day, fear not: Shoveling for two hours (which, let’s face it, if you are only shoveling for two hours tomorrow you’ll be lucky), can burn almost 900 calories! Plus, we all could use more sleep. So recharge, and wait for the real fun to begin tomorrow.