Eleven Healthy Comfort Food Recipes with Less than 400 Calories

More comfort, less calories.

Photo by Jackie Newgent/Flickr

Kale Mac and Cheese image via Jackie Newgent/Flickr

When the temperature drops, many of us start to crave comfort foods. But most of these recipes are incredibly unhealthy. Fortunately, we found eleven healthy comfort food recipes—all under 400 calories—featuring favorites from mac ‘n cheese to chicken wings.

1. Mini Turkey Pot Pie
via Two of a Kind Cooks

Using ramekins keeps portions small and brings a fun, personalized touch to this recipe. The filling is packed with veggies, but doesn’t use any cream or milk.

2. Apple and Orange Crumble
via Harriet Emily

Days stuck inside call for unique flavor combinations to keep things spicy. Enter this apple and orange crumble. It merges two popular fruits that are rarely paired together. Stevia is used in place of sugar, but any sugar substitute will do.

3. Poppy Seed Chicken
via Sweet Cayenne 

This lighter version of the simple casserole dish is full of flavor and perfect for a cold night. This recipe uses thyme and rosemary, but you can experiment with whatever spices you have in the cabinet.

4. Quick Chicken and Dumplings 
via Cooking Light

Replacing traditional biscuit dough with flour tortillas saves calories but doesn’t skimp on taste.

5. Simply Delicious Shepherd’s Pie 
via Meal Makeover Moms

Two Boston-based dietitians created a healthy take on this classic by using lean ground beef and all-natural tomato soup.

6. Macaroni and Cheese 
via Fitness Magazine

Using whole wheat pasta, Greek yogurt, and low-fat cheese makes this creamy dish low in calories but full of flavor. Add kale, broccoli, or any other greens you desire.

7. Oven Fried Chicken 
via Eating Well

This “fried” chicken is actually baked, but given a crispy crust by marinating skinless chicken in buttermilk, then lightly coating it in flour, sesame seeds, and spices.

8. Crock Pot Chicken Wings
via She Knows

By making wings in a crock pot, you save a ton of calories and the meat will fall right off the bone.

9. Mini Meatloaves 
via Eating Well

Using ground turkey as one of the meat replacements and muffin tins for portion control, this classic dish is delicious and low calorie.

10. Sloppy Joes 
via The Food Network

This recipe uses spices instead of salt, and adds beans to the lean ground beef to increase fiber.

11. Baked Pasta with Sausage and Spinach 
via Skinny Taste

Low-fat cheeses mixed with high fiber pasta makes this a low calorie dish, and spinach adds nutrients. Try it without meat for even less calories.