Julian Edelman Makes Smoothies, Kisses His Blender

It's called the 'Best Friend Smoothie' but it's really an ad for the Ninja.



Julian Edelman may be following in his best friend Tom Brady‘s footsteps in more ways than one. Like Brady, Edelman is taking advantage of his camera-ready good looks and the brands are noticing. After stepping off the plane in Arizona for Sunday’s big game, he posted this pic to his Instagram and Twitter accounts:

The only thing missing from that Tweet (swoon) is a *sponsored* tag. The average career length in the NFL is only about three years. Now that Edelman is a bonafide NFL star, he clearly knows that now is the time to make the big bucks. After all, he was selling T-shirts on his website (only $29.99!) highlighting his ridiculous touchdown pass that was almost six years in the making.

Enter his new video for the Ninja, which begins with “I’m Julian Edelman and this is smoothie time.” In fact, his official website says he’s a “smoothie connoisseur.”

It’s filled with Gronk-like antics—talking into a banana as a phone is just one of the strange bits—but he does provide a healthy smoothie recipe and shows off his dance moves. He also explains why the “best friend smoothie” doesn’t include his “best friend” Tom Brady. “Usually it’s Tom Brady, but he doesn’t have time for my little videos, so I don’t have time to give you a high five after a touchdown,” he says in the video, using air quotes.

Fortunately, Shane Vereen is there to take Brady’s spot. After going shirtless in an apron and dancing to cheesy 80s music, let’s hope Ninja paid Vereen, too.

What’s in an Edelman smoothie? One cup fresh pineapple, a banana, almond milk, Greek yogurt, frozen strawberries, and some protein powder. Easy peasy. Watch the video below for more.