This Is How Medical Professionals Go to Work in a Blizzard

Meet the true heroes of the storm.

While most of the Commonwealth is dreading today’s dig out, there were some people who had to get to work yesterday no matter the conditions outside. So, before you begin cursing your inevitable chore for the day (and use these tips to shovel safely), take a look at how some of Boston’s bravest doctors and nurses made it to the hospital in the middle of the blizzard to care for patients:

Christine Peterson, news photographer for the Worcester Telegram & Gazette snapped these UMass nurses.

Dr. Kelli O’Laughlin, of BWH’s Department of Emergency Medicine, used cross country skis.

Vivian Chan, a pathology technician at the Brigham, used snowshoes.

At Mass. Eye and Ear on Tuesday it was all hands on deck. Even if those hands are of the executive variety.