Watch Jimmy Kimmel Take on Juicing

'It feels refreshing.'



With the influx of juice bars opening in Boston (newcomers include Revolution Juice in the Back Bay and Pressed in Beacon Hill), it seems like the trend isn’t going anywhere. Enter Jimmy Kimmel, who showed the world that we all may be a bunch of pretentious idiots.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I’m feeling sluggish, I love buying a cold-pressed, fresh green juice. It makes me feel great and ready to take on the day. But, is it really worth $8 to $12 a pop? Sometimes I do think it would be so much cheaper to, you know, just eat an orange.

Kimmel and his team set up a juice stand at a farmer’s market in L.A. and told people that they are from a new juice company called “Juce.” The brand offers a variety of juices: Soul (Fun Dip mixed with water); Cure (Tang mixed with water); Detox (melted Creamsicles); and my personal favorite, Rainbow (Skittles and water, straight from the blender).

“I feel great, like a cleansing,” says one passerby after trying Soul. “It feels refreshing, like you just drank something that’s good for you.”

One shopper thinks it tastes “less sugary” and “would drink it regularly.”

At this point in the video, I really wish these people were actors. I’m starting to realize this could be any one of us.

Then we get to Alex, a self-proclaimed a “juice connoisseur” who found the Tang and water to taste like freshly squeezed juice. “It’s really good. Not so sweet, like you just squeezed it out of the fruit.”

When asked if a $19 price tag is worth this juice, one customer said, “Your health is worth everything.” In fact, the creamsicles taste like “natural, pure juice.”

As for the Skittles? “Its delicious.”

Well done, Kimmel. Checkmate.