Hack MS Is This Weekend at District Hall

Developers around the country will try to create a tool to help people with MS manage stress and symptoms.


District Hall image provided.

District Hall, located in the Innovation District, will host the first ever Hack MS (multiple sclerosis) hackathon event this weekend (February 6 to 8). The event’s goal is to help people with MS manage their stress—which can be associated with depression, fatigue, confusion, and the worsening of symptoms—through the development of a tech-based tool or resource.

Specifically, participants will work on creating stress management solutions that can be applied directly to real-world situations including: relaxation skills (meditation and visualization); problem-solving techniques (information processing and understanding sources of stress); and schedule management tools (planning and managing tasks). Solutions can range from apps to wearable devices but all must be practical tool that can help someone with MS live a better life, free from unnecessary stress.

There’s $40,000 in cash prizes up for grabs at the event, so if you’re a developer, inventor, or engineer, it’s time to get your ideas together.

For more information, visit Hack-MS.com.