Starbucks Is Introducing Coconut Milk

It'll cost you an extra 60 cents.

Starbuck exterior via Martin Good /

Starbuck exterior via Martin Good /

Ever wonder what happens to that brilliant idea you submit to a company’s website to better their product or service? In most cases, probably nothing. But, when it comes to Starbucks, you just may start a whole new product line.

Reps at Starbucks say that the most requested customer idea submitted to their website is for another non-dairy alternative to be added to the menu. Right now, Starbucks’ only non-dairy option is soy milk. But, starting February 17, the coffee chain will begin to offer a “single origin Sumatra coconut milk,” which is described as “a creamy, delicious alternative to dairy and soy for handcrafted beverages.” The milk is certified vegan and made from single-origin coconuts originating on the the tropical Indonesian island of Sumatra. (Starbucks K-Cups have a Sumatra variety as well.)

So why not almond milk? In a statement, Starbucks reps said that after numerous tests, the creaminess of coconut milk was found to be the “best complement” to their iced, hot, and blended beverages, and that the allergens in almond milk presented challenges when trying to roll out a new product nationwide.

“Delivering the options our customers want is always the highlight of my day,” said Christine Barone, Starbucks vice president of brewed espresso, in a statement. “We have a high bar for anything we pair with our high quality espresso and this coconut milk is smooth and perfectly complements the coffee. I personally love it in an iced vanilla latte. We are excited to hear back what further customer and partner customization coconut milk inspires.”

Starbucks seriously has a vice president of brewed espresso. Is there also a VP of steamed soy? What about director of iced coffee? Or a manager of lattes?

Anyway, the coconut milk option will cost an extra 60 cents, just like soy milk. At least we know that Starbucks is listening to its customers and welcomes ideas. Share yours here: