A Local Woman Created Something Called PMS Bites

The Kickstarter launches today.

PMS Bites image provided.

PMS Bites image provided

Day after day, 29-year-old North End resident Tania Green found that the tempting aromas of the neighborhood’s alluring bakeries were too tough to resist. In an effort to create change, and try to avoid the sugar rush, she began documenting her days—including food intake. Seeing those “cheat days” in black and white made her realize that she was consuming one too many cannolis during the PMS time in her cycle. After doing the math, she realized that amounted to more than 100 days—almost one-third of the year.

Green, a Massachusetts native with a Master’s degree from Simmons College of Management, decided that if she was going to indulge, it should be in a healthier way. Enter: PMS Bites.

PMS Bites are small treats made with gluten-free, organic, and vegan ingredients such as dates, almond butter, cocoa powder, coconut oil, and brown rice syrup. Green adds in dandelion root, chamomile, and Siberian ginseng to her recipe because she read—from docs like Mark Hyman—that these herbs may help with PMS symptoms such as bloating, irritability, and stress.

The small bites come in three different varieties: the Plain Crazy is the classic bite, which is described as a “hybrid between a chocolate truffle and brownie batter”; the Coco-nutty, a plain bite wrapped in coconut; and the nut version, which is a plain bite rolled in pecans.

Green launched her Kickstarter Tuesday, and people are taking notice. As of 12:30 p.m., Green was more than halfway funded—she’s asking for $5,000—and well on her way to the kitchen space she craves to start her business. However, all that organic goodness is going to cost you: PMS Bites are $10 for just two small rounds. That’s $5—and around 70 calories—a bite. When it comes to PMS, cravings are a powerful thing.

To celebrate the launch, Green is hosting a glow-in-the-dark Pilates class and launch party at Giovanni DeCunto’s art studio in the North End tomorrow evening. More details are available at the Eventbrite site.