The Living Proof Style Lab Is Finally Opening in Cambridge

The salon and testing lab opens February 17.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

On a chilly, rainy day last May, I anxiously fixed my hair and makeup at least ten times while on the 1 bus to Cambridge. I was nervous because I was meeting with one of the most famous and beautiful women in the world: Jennifer Aniston.

Once inside the building, which was filled with Living Proof staffers, I made my way past rows of cubicles and walked into the new Style Lab space adjacent to the company’s headquarters. Although it was under construction, the design elements were already there—rich wood tones mixed with more modern elements like metal and lacquer. And then there she was, Living Proof’s co-owner Jennifer Aniston, sitting in a chair drinking tea. I sat on the couch abutting her chair, and she leaned in, touched my leg, and said hello. All of my nerves soon disappeared because she was seriously one of the nicest actresses I’ve ever met—warm, friendly, and media-trained enough to make me believe that we were totally BFFs. And yes, she is just as beautiful in person.

She was there to check out the work on the Living Proof Style Lab, a space she co-designed. You can read our Q&A here, where she talks about designing the space, yoga, why she hated “the Rachel” haircut, and what advice she’d give to her younger self.

Nine months later, the Style Lab is finally set to open. It’s a beauty test kitchen and retail concept space that was originally scheduled to open in September. The goal is to be the “consumer-facing arm” of Living Proof, a.k.a. be able to teach people why they think their products are superior to other hair concoctions. (Disclaimer: I use the “Perfect Hair Day” shampoo and conditioner daily and love it.)

The grand opening will be Tuesday, February 17 and the first 50 customers to walk in will receive a free, full-size “Prime Style Extender” with their purchase.

“With our offices and labs located in Kendall Square, it seemed only natural to open up a space for consumers to come in and receive personalized product recommendations and learn more about our science,” says Grace Ray, Living Proof CEO. “The space is flexible, so we are looking forward to hosting future events, both for our salon industry partners and consumers alike.”

Open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 301 Binney Street, Cambridge,