New ‘Frozen Fortress’ Timelapse Video Shows New England’s Amazing Ice Castles


ice castles

Another timelapse video hit the internet once more, but this time it’s not featuring our fair city. Instead, known timelapse filmmaker Julian Tryba paired up with Michael Sutton to create an incredibly stunning video of the ice castles in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

Tryba is a timelapse veteran as the creator of what he dubs “layer-lapse.” His “Boston Layer-Lapse” video uses animation to show the passing of time for various objects at different rates, a feature he also uses in “City Upon a Hill.”

This ‘Frozen Fortress’ video is a completely different take from showing a lapse of city life. The ice castles stretch high with a crystal-like look. When the video ascends into night, the castles glow with various colors, creating a haunting and beautiful afterimage. According to the video’s description, more than 150 hours were put into making this timelapse. Here are more details the filmmakers provide:

Shooting this project was a challenge as we were dealing with sub zero temperatures on a regular basis. I apologize for the snow and ice chips on the lens (it was very difficult to prevent in the shooting conditions) as well as the flickering (the lights in the ice pulse and are erratic at times.)

Watch the full video below: