Cool Class: Cardio Tap at the Z Spot

The NYC sensation has made its way to Boston.

Cardio Tap class at the Z Spot. Photo provided.

Cardio Tap class at the Z Spot. Photo provided.

Unique cardio dance classes are popping up around the country, and one of those sensations has made its way to Boston.

NYC-based Cardio Tap was created by Krystle Armstrong and Kristin Holland Bohr, two musical theater professionals who were looking for a workout alternative that did not include a treadmill—even though treadmill classes are trendy, too. The duo decided that ultimately, they just wanted to “keep on tapping.” So, they developed a method that combines theater tap with interval training and traditional fitness, all conducted to tunes “from the oldies” for a fun and effective workout. (They also promise lots of sweat, and say that people who have worn calorie counters in class have boasted a minimum of 500 calories burned.)

Cardio Tap found its Boston home at the Z Spot, a Zumba studio in the Back Bay. The classes run in 10-week sessions, but you can drop in at any time. The current session is once per week, and a new session (with two classes per week) begins in April.

While tap shoes are recommended, beginners can start with sneakers. Then, if you love the class, investing in a pair of tap shoes may help with performance. Beginner to advanced levels are welcome.

$15 drop in; Wednesdays 6:30 p.m.; 181 Mass. Ave., 617-338-7768;