MiniLuxe Is Opening in the Pru

The nail shop will open in the spring.

Miniluxe's new location in the Pru.

Miniluxe’s new location in the Pru.

MiniLuxe may have plans to go national—the “Starbucks of nail salons” just announced that it is opening this month in Dallas, which will be its first location outside of Massachusetts—but it’s currently setting its sights on another coveted piece of real estate: the Pru.

The Pru is in the middle of a lot of changes. Legal Seafoods is gone for good, and Sephora—which was next door to Legal—has temporarily moved to the Saks wing. That move, however, ousted Olympia Sports, which is now going into the old Isis Parenting space next to the post office and Flywheel. And Kate Spade Saturday, which just launched a sneaker collaboration with New Balance, is closing. Still with me?

The newest addition to the growing shopping center will be MiniLuxe’s ninth location in the Commonwealth and its 10th in the country. The high-end but still speedy in service nail salon is famed for its “Clean Lab,” which cleanses all tools to a hospital-grade level of sterilization, and its stark white, no-jet, no-bacteria breeding tubs.

Surprisingly, the new location is just a few blocks from its Newbury Street location. That said, if you’ve ever been to that spot, you know it’s always crowded, so there will be plenty of customers to go around. Plus, while Newbury Street offers consumers an outdoor, boutique shopping experience, the Pru caters to the I-prefer-air-conditioning-with-my-purchase kind of crowd.

MiniLuxe will open in the Pru this spring, reps say, although they are mum on any other details except that some nail techs may make the move and hop between the two close stores for appointments. The location will be in the Lord & Taylor wing, which offers shoppers a covered walkway between the Pru and the department store. It’s the same wing with Lululemon, Magic Beans, Aveda, and Mizu.