Young Methuen Resident ‘Joins’ Suffolk University’s Basketball Team

Seven-year-old Luke Giuffrida was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 2012.

Luke signing his agreement with Head Coach Adam Nelson. Photo provided.

Luke signing his agreement with Head Coach Adam Nelson. Photo provided.

Team Impact, a Boston-based charitable organization that pairs children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses with local collegiate athletic teams, held a “draft day” with the Suffolk University men’s basketball team for seven-year-old Methuen resident Luke Giuffrida.

In 2012, Luke was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, and in addition to extended hospital stays, he has to endure taking daily medication and undergoing breathing treatments. But all Luke really wants is to feel like “one of the guys.”

That’s why Team Impact held the “Draft Day” at the Regan Gymnasium at Suffolk University where he signed his “letter of intent” to be a part of the team. Luke will get to spend time with the team all season long, and receive invaluable mentorship and support.

“We are excited to add Luke and Suffolk University men’s basketball to our growing family of Team Impact participants,” says Duke Little, executive director of Team Impact, in a statement. “The recent draft day for Luke marks [our] 628th ‘match.’ There are now 302 colleges and universities participating in our program, spread across 42 states. We have no doubt that Head Coach, Adam Nelson and his players will demonstrate to Luke what teammates and family are all about in the context of a college sports team.”

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