Work Out at the Mall for Charity

Shop, eat, drink, sweat, repeat.

Yoga class image via shutterstock

Yoga class image via shutterstock

The Mall at Chestnut Hill wants you to work up a sweat (and most likely a large credit card bill) by hosting fitness events every Saturday morning throughout the winter and spring. And it’s all for charity.

On Saturday, February 28, in partnership with Bloomingdale’s and Lucy (the athletic apparel store), the mall is hosting a yoga class led by Joanna Converse to benefit Flying Kites, an organization that runs a school in the foothills of the Aberdares Mountains for orphaned children.

You’ll need to bring your own yoga mat and accessories to the class, or you can purchase them at Lucy in the mall. The session will take place on the first floor of Bloomingdale’s in the women’s fashion section. But don’t worry, the class is held before the mall opens so there won’t be any shoppers there yet to distract you from getting into your downward dogs. Each fitness session is $15 and the money goes directly to a different charity each week. This way, you can feel good about getting up early and heading to the mall.

For this Saturday’s yoga at Bloomingdale’s session, you need to RSVP by Friday. For the upcoming March and April sessions, while information has not yet been officially released, we have a sneak peek:

March 7 – Rowing Workout with Orange Theory & Lucy, to benefit Simon Youth Foundation

March 14 – Workout with Lucy, to benefit Simon Youth Foundation

March 21 – Yoga with Joanna Converse & Bloomingdale’s

 $15 per session; 8:30-9:30 a.m;RSVP by emailing; 199 Boylston Street, Chestnut Hill