Chestnut Hill Is Getting a New Juice Bar

Juice Press will open its first location outside of the Tri-State area this summer.

Image of a NYC Juice Press location provided.

Image of a NYC Juice Press location provided.

UPDATED, April 8, 12:15 p.m.: Juice Press will officially open in Chestnut Hill on April 16. For its first two days in business, the store will offer product samples, a 50 percent discount off five items, and a special for marathon runners: a free juice or smoothie between April 18 and April 20.

Juice Press, the popular juicery with more than 20 locations in NYC, is opening its first Boston-area location at the Street in Chestnut Hill this summer. The juicery offers organic, vegan, and kosher cold pressed juices, smoothies, a salad bar, soups, and a variety of raw food. The Route 9 spot will be Juice Press’s first store outside the Tri-State area.

Juice Press reps say that everything is made fresh daily with no GMOs and no high pressure processing like most pre-bottled juices.

“When considering locations for our first location in the Greater Boston Area, the Street was an obvious choice,” says Michael Karsch, Juice Press’s chairman. “Their shoppers have discerning taste, and the brand lineup at the Street is the best.”

Menu items include: JP Black Latte (made with coconut water, dehydrated almonds, coconut oil, vanilla, sea salt, and cold-brewed coffee concentrate); Pink Punk (made with frozen pineapple, frozen strawberries, shredded ginger, and cold pressed beet); Fountain of Youth (made with young Thai coconut water, banana, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, raw agave nectar, hemp protein, and coconut oil); The Guru (made with with young Thai coconut water, coconut meat, apple, vegan DHA omega oil, goji berry, banana, blueberry, hemp protein, hemp seeds, and cacao; The Brazilian (made with homemade almond milk, avocado, maca, spirulina, mesquite, raw agave, and ice); and much more.

If liquid nutrition isn’t your style, there’s also a variety of raw foods such as hummus wraps, chia seed pudding, and pesto noodles. Plus, you’ll need sustenance after giving your wallet a workout at all the neighboring shops.

33 Boylston Street, Suite 3320, Chestnut Hill;