Organic Valley Launches a Funny Ad for Its Organic Milk Protein Shake

How to chug a protein shake---minus the chemicals.



Organic Valley, a cooperative of 1,800 organic family farms across the country, knows that processed foods and supplements are crap. The company is on a mission to create healthy, organic foods—products range from milks to cheese to produce—and has even gone to Washington D.C. to speak in support of GMO labeling. Now, they’re on another mission: to save the bros.

Yes, the same bros that are grunting in your gym, tanning on your beach, and taking more selfies than a teenage girl. They really do need saving. Why? Because their protein shakes are full of chemicals and artificial junk.

The company’s new ad campaign pokes fun at the numerous stereotypes we’ve all—you know who you are—said at one time or another when it comes to a man who has lots of muscles, a non-existent neck, and a deep tan—in February: “Without bros, who will remind us to go big or go home? What would happen to Las Vegas? Or the beaches of New Jersey? Who’s going to make it rain?”

Organic Valley hired Humanaut, an agency that launched the new campaign to support Organic Fuel, the first-ever organic milk protein shake on the market. It’s a recovery shake made with 26 grams of protein and 70 percent of the recommended daily intake of calcium.

“The Organic Fuel consumer expects performance from a sports-recovery drink, not chemicals and a long list of indiscernible ingredients,” said Lewis Goldstein, vice president of brand marketing at Organic Valley. “There’s a disconnect with other brands that are being marketed as healthy lifestyle drinks when they aren’t healthy at all.”

Watch the hilarious video below: