The South End Is Getting a New Gym

Swet Studio will offer 'LGBT-friendly' classes, including same-sex ballroom dancing.

Swet exterior

Swet exterior

Silviya Mihaylova, who’s been a personal trainer and fitness instructor in Boston for the last eight years, is opening up her own gym in the South End this spring. The 30-year-old moved to Boston from Bulgaria 11 years ago.

“The South End is my favorite part of the city,” Mihaylova says.

Swet Studio is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in mid-April. Classes are unique and will include IndoRow, a group rowing class that uses the water rowers that feel like you’re actually gliding on the water; aerial workouts other than yoga, where you’re tethered to the ceiling doing cardio exercises synced to music; and same-sex ballroom dancing.

The 1500-square-foot studio prides itself on being dumbbell-free and LGBT-friendly. Mihaylova also says that Swet Studio will be opening up the studio to include more than just indoor fitness, from teen programs to field trips to local grocery stores for nutritional training.

Mihaylova says that the idea of offering same-sex ballroom classes was a natural one. “I couldn’t believe that we actually don’t have classes like that around town,” she says. “I felt a need for it.”

The studio will also offer a slew of dance fitness options from Pole Fit (exactly what you think it is) to “Latin Mania,” which claims to be “better than Zumba” (those are some fightin’ words) to hula hooping.

480 Tremont Street, 617-670-0631,