The Ultimate Guide to Juice Bars in Boston

We found 19 places to find juices and smoothies around town, from classic kale drinks to beet-infused 'Unicorn Blood.'

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This post has been updated in May of 2018. 

Sure, our city’s proliferation of juice bars has reached a fever pitch, and we may be hard pressed to keep up. But if that means we can get a nutrient-packed drink anytime we want—in any neighborhood we want—then we say bring it on. Whether you’re looking for a “cleanse” or just a refreshing post-workout smoothie, you can find the fresh pick-me-up you’re looking for at these 19 juice bars. (List is alphabetical.)

1. Cocobeet (Government Center)

Cocobeet bills itself as “Boston’s original organic juice bar,” and they guarantee that all their ingredients are raw, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, organic, and locally sourced.

Try: The Green Genes (kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, apple, parsley, lemon, and ginger).

100 City Hall Plaza, Boston, 857-263-8598,

2. Beacon Blend

Buy your juice in bulk at this delivery-only juice company with a growler for your business, work, or friends who love juice just as much as you do. At Beacon Blend, they set themselves apart by using the entire plant. They don’t remove or discard the pulp, making the juice healthier for you and more sustainable for the environment. Win, win.

Try: The Adventure juice (apple, spinach, celery, ginger, lemon, chia seed, cayenne).


3. Energize (Back Bay & Harvard Avenue)

Do you prefer juice or a cold, blended smoothie? At Energize you don’t have to choose. They offer smoothies, juices, a combination of the two and smoothie bowls. Not down for something liquid? Grab one of their eight signature salads. Currently located in Brighton, they have a second location set to open in Back Bay by early June.

Try: Hangover (Apple juice blended with spinach, avocado, banana, coconut oil, ginger, and fresh water algae).

618 Washington St., Brighton, 617-903-3053, 265 Massachusetts Ave., Boston,  

4. Jamba Juice (Fenway/Kenmore)

BU-goers Jamba Juice heard your cry for something blended and graced the campus with their national-chain presence. Perfect when you need to slurp on something refreshing on your way to class.

Try: Orange Supreme (Orange, carrot, bananas, apple, chia seeds).

700 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617-358-5813,

5. Jugos (Back Bay & South End)

One of chef Ken Oringer’s neighborhood staples, Jugos serves not only a wide range of juices, but also intriguing menu items with a South-of-the-border twist—think raw coconut “ceviche” with avocado, drenched in lime and spiced up with ginger and jalapeño. Check out their second location, Jugos Supremo, where you can sit down for avocado toast in the morning or a hearty, salad during the lunch rush.

Try: The #7 (pear, pineapple, green apple, lime, and mint).

145 Dartmouth St., Boston, 502 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, 617-418-9879,

6. The Juice Box (South Boston)

As Southie’s first dedicated juice bar, the Juice Box specializes in dairy- and gluten-free juices and smoothies, featuring add-ons such as protein, goji berries, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and whey.

Try: The 02127 (chia seeds, banana, acai berry juice, almond milk, honey, and vanilla).

359 W. Broadway, Boston, 857-930-4510,

7. Juice Press (Back Bay, Chestnut Hill, Financial District, Seaport)

New York export Juice Press, which started in Chestnut Hill, slowly took over the city opening locations in Back Bay and Seaport. They also became Equinox’s in-house juice bar last January, offering organic, vegan, and kosher cold-pressed juices and smoothies, plus a salad bar, soups, and raw foods galore.

Try: The Pink Punk (beet juice blended with pineapple, strawberry, and shredded ginger).

27 Northern Ave., Boston, 225 Franklin St., Boston, 131 Dartmouth St., Boston, 109 Seaport Blvd., Boston, 500 Boylston St., Boston, 33 Boylston St., Suite 3320, Chestnut Hill,

8. The Juice Union (Somerville)

Take your coffee with bananas and peanut butter like The King or savor a B’nice bowl made with bananas whipped to a texture reminiscent of soft-serve at this Somerville shop in Union Square. They even created a healthier version of the Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino that if you ask nicely they might re-create for you.

Try: Sassy Lassie (cucumber, apple, strawberries, lime).

23 Bow St. Union Square, Somerville,

9. The Juicery (North End)

This charming little juice chain has earned its high-concept name, proving popular enough in New Hampshire to have spawned a North End incarnation. Due to the made-to-order nature of their juices, the service at this tiny gleaming-white storefront can be a little slow, but the Juicery’s juices and smoothies are well worth the wait. Instant-gratification types can also grab chia puddings and bottled kombucha drinks from their case.

Try: The Jungle (spinach, parsley, cucumber, celery, and apple).

66 Cross St., Boston, 617-936-4010,

10. Juicy Greens (Jamaica Plain)

Plant-forward and fresh, this Jamaica Plain spot offers homemade nut milks, salads, toasts, acai bowls, Buddha bowls, soups, and coffee in addition to smoothie and juice. Husband and wife duo, Mike and Ammy Lowney, hope to share their passion for healthy living and teaching with the community using their shared background as a family medicine doctor and former Boston Public School teacher.

Try: Smart Kale (Kale, ginger, mint, lemon juice, coconut, water, pineapple, and ground flaxseed).

61 South St., Jamaica Plain,

11. Kwench Juice Cafe (Financial District) 

Swing by this juice bar in the heart of the Financial District on your way to work and guzzle down a wheatgrass shot boosted with bee pollen or spirulina. With 13 specialty juices, seven raw and simple juices, four super juices, and even and option to create your own you can get something completely different each time.

230 Congress St., Boston,

12. Mother Juice (Kendall Square, Back Bay, North End)

First, they Kickstarted their way into existence with a roving juice truck. Then, Mother Juice planted their “garden to glass” concept in a brick-and-mortar storefront in Kendall Square and now you can find their juices on Newbury Street and in the Boston Public Market. In addition to organic juices with geektastic names and vegan snacks, they offer deliveries and cleanses.

Try: The Unicorn Blood (beet, carrot, celery, watermelon, and pineapple).

291 Newbury Street, Boston, 857-263-7401, 100 Hanover St., Boston, 625 E Kendall St., Cambridge, 617-286-6580,

13. Nourish Your Soul (Beacon Hill and Medford)

After unexpectedly finding herself a widow, Nourish Your Soul owner Susan Cabana found a new zeal for healthy living and wellness, and thus the inspiration for this juice business was born. You can purchase these cold-pressed juices from Nourish Your Soul’s two brick-and-mortar locations in Beacon Hill and Medford, or you can have them delivered straight to your door with their cleanse delivery program.

Try: The Grapefruit Green (kale, grapefruit, pear, cucumber, mint, and dandelion).

282 Cambridge St., Boston, 17 Playstead Rd., Medford, 888-995-8423,

14. Pressed (Beacon Hill and South End)

This Beacon Hill juice shop has made a splash with its unique ingredients. Their green juices go beyond the usual apple/spinach/cucumber paradigm; Pressed infuses theirs with such intriguing ingredients as fennel, mint, and lemongrass. You can even cool down with a paleta (a popsicle made with fresh fruit). And don’t overlook the rest of the menu, which is filled with nosh-friendly fare designed by a notable NYC vegan chef.

Try: The Zinc [Zn] (sweet apple, green apple, cucumber, lime, mint, kale, and wheatgrass).

120 Charles St., Boston,857-350-3103, 643 Tremont St., Boston, 857-277-0288,

15. Pressed Juicery (Harvard Square & Back Bay) 

Not to be confused with the aforementioned Pressed—they are two different places, we checked thrice. This popular California-based company first made its presence known on the east coast last year around this time and have since grown in popularity due to its Freeze. Made from fruits, vegetables, and nuts, this dairy-free soft serve makes a great healthy alternative to ice cream. But with plenty of juices to choose from including greens, roots, citrus, fruits, and signature blends you can take home a whole bundle or participate in a cleanse.

Try: Citrus 1 (cucumber, pineapple, lemon, coconut, filtered water, aloe vera).

1380 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 617-354-0906, 288 Newbury St., Boston, 617-638-3240,

16. Pure Cold Press Juice & Salad Bar (Coolidge Corner)

The owner of neighborhood Middle Eastern restaurant, Rami’s, opened Pure Cold Press. In addition to their lineup of cold-pressed juices (as well as booster shots), their wide-ranging menu is set to include kosher and herbivore-friendly fare, including sandwiches, soups, and salads (in a Mason jar, of course).

Try: The Rooster (orange, lemon, grapefruit, and liquid cayenne).

326 Harvard St., Brookline,

17. Revolution Juice (Back Bay)

With a menu that features only whole-foods and plant-based items, Revolution Juice serves up both cold-pressed and centrifugal juices, as well as smoothies, fruit sorbet bowls, Aeropress coffee, and a variety of date-derived “Dateorades.”

Try: The Lemon Green (kale, celery, cucumber, grapefruit, apple, lemon, and ginger).

150 Huntington Ave., Boston, 857-233-4313,

18. Squeeze Juice Bar (Downtown, Back Bay, Seaport, Assembly Row)

You got options if you want a fresh squeeze. With locations pretty much all over Boston, and one soon to come in Somerville and South Station, you can grab a juice to go or customize any juice with one of their three-tiered enhancers like creatine, ginseng, protein, or yogurt. Healthworks and Everybody Fights clients enjoy the added convenience of grabbing a juice right after your workout with a Squeeze bar right in the gym.

Try: Endless Summer (watermelon, strawberry, apple, ginger).

53 Date Street, Boston, 617-670-1800, 441 Stuart St., Boston, 857-233-4469, 15 Channel Center St., Boston, 617-752-4915, 1300 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, 617-383-6100, 399 Revolution Dr., Somerville, 700 Atlantic Ave., Boston,

19. Thirst Juice Co. (Downtown)

Peddling a bevvy of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, acai bowls, and small batch house-made soups, Thirst prides itself on being “the place you go to try green juice for the first time and discover that you actually like it.”

Try: The Melon Ball (cantaloupe, kale, apple, and ginger).

44 School St., Boston,

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