Six Secret Gems in Trader Joe’s Frozen Food Aisle

There are some healthy finds if you know where to look. By Jessica Procini

All photographs by Claudia Gavin

All photographs by Claudia Gavin

Confession: I’m a health coach that hates to cook.

I used to think that in order to have a healthy toned body, I had to cook 80 to 100 percent of my food—and for a while I did just that. I used to spend six hours on a Sunday shopping, chopping and cooking all my food for the week because I never had the time during the work week to cook a healthy, elaborate meal that didn’t taste like cardboard.

Guess what? This got old very quickly. I prefer eating food rather than making it. And unless you’re a Powerball winner and rolling dough, you can understand why eating out at the healthiest farm-to-table restaurants every night of the week isn’t an option, either.

So I was determined to find a solution that would save me from slaving away over the stove for hours but that didn’t force me to give up eating the foods that were good for me.

This post was originally published on our sister site, Be Well Philly. To see the foods you should know about at Trader Joes, click here.