20 Exercises You Can Do in a Park

Use the city as your gym.

Tricep workout photo via Living Fitness/flickr

Tricep workout photo via Living Fitness/flickr

Get outside this summer and use the city as your gym. Below, we found the best park exercises you can do for a total body workout—no gym fees (or equipment) required.

1. Explosive Pull-Up
via Fitness Magazine

Make sure you use a tree branch that is thick enough to support your weight. This move works your back, biceps, quads, and shoulders.

2. Park Railing Reverse Row
via Lifting Revolution

This reverse row is another great exercise for your back and shoulders. If the railing is at a slant, switch sides so that the work on your muscles is even.

3. Monkey Bar Pull-Ups
via Skinny Mom

As simple as it sounds, this move uses the monkey bars as a substitute for the pull-up bar at the gym. If you want to challenge yourself, swing back and forth down the set of bars rather than just pulling yourself up on one.

4. Dip and Kick
via Shape 

Find a park bench to do this move that’s similar to a tricep dip. Unlike a tricep dip, however, it also incorporates kicks to work your legs. Prevent overextending your elbows by keeping arms at 90 degrees when lowering down.

5. Inclined Railing Push-Up
via I Get It From My Mamma

Find two bars that are close enough for both of your arms to reach, such as a narrow staircase with railings. If railings are unavailable, use the edge of a bench. Do 20 reps, and keep abs in and tight.

6. Stair Squats
via Technically Running 

These squats can help runners strengthen essential muscles that assist in preventing injury. Remember to leave a step in between your feet, and keep your back flat when squatting.

7. Karaoke Shuffle
via Fitness Magazine

This uphill climb is an efficient muscle builder and also elevates your heartbeat. Find a hill and do the karaoke, or grapevine, movement with your legs. When you come down the hill, maintain a slow pace in order to improve balance.

8. Step Right Up
via Shape

Using the bottom of a slide, bench, or ledge, this move targets your quads, calves, and glutes. Keep your arms in and tight when stepping up and then extend them into a “T” formation when lifting your leg to the side.

9. Stair Jumps
via Technically Running

To strengthen your quads and hamstrings and work on your stability, try these jumps. Be careful not to land with too much force and try to absorb the impact with your entire body, not just your knees.

10. Slalom Jump
via Fitness

Gather some rocks or small objects and place them in a zigzag formation. Jump back and forth to each rock for a minute or more for some cardio and leg strengthening.

11. Burpee Box Jump
via Commonhealth

Start in pushup position, jump into a squat, and then jump onto a picnic table, working towards ten repetitions. If the picnic table is too high, try to find a short and sturdy bench to use.

12. Bulgarian Split Lunge
via Popsugar Fitness

Using a bench or ledge, keep one foot on the bench and place the other one in front of you at a 90 degree angle and lower down. This move is effective at strengthening your glutes and quads.

13. Glute Bridge
via Spry Living

Find a bench and lie down on the grass, with your feet on the bench and your butt about one foot away. Lift your legs and butt up, then lower down. Remember to squeeze your legs together to get the most effective results.

14. Swing Crisscross
via Parents

Grab a swing, hold onto the chains, lean back at a 45 degree angle, and cross your legs back and forth. The more you focus on not letting the swing move, the more work your abs and stabilizing muscles will do.

15. Tree Plank
via Fitness

Get in plank position and walk your feet slightly up the tree behind you and hold, then release. Modify the move by moving your feet higher up the tree.

16. Slide Sit-Up
via Shape

With a similar shape to a decline ab bench at the gym, the slide is a perfect way to improve your core. Wrap your feet around the top handles or edges to hold yourself up.

17. Swing Tuck
via Move Nourish Believe

The swing acts as a stability ball to strengthen your lower abs. Focus on your form and extend your legs all the way back when you push the swing away.

18. Plank Pair
via Health

To work your side abdominals, find a low fence, bench, or flat rock. Get into side plank position with one hand on the bench and the other arm extended into the air.

19. Alternating Side Jump-Ins
via The Betty Rocker

This move not only benefits your core, but also your arms. Start in plank position and then jump forward to the left, back to the start, and forward to the right. Go at a steady pace and modify the move by bringing opposite shoulder to opposite knee rather than jumping.

20. Pole Taps
via The Better Mom

Find a pole or tree trunk and lie down in front of it. Grab the tree for support and swing your legs up and down. Go slowly and remember to breathe as the exercise gets more difficult with each rep.