Nine Fun Runs to Try This Summer

Get ready to climb, sprint, and bounce through these races.

Fun run photo via flickr/Samuel King Jr.

Fun run photo via flickr/Samuel King Jr.

We get it: Sometimes, running in a regular race can get boring. Mix it up this summer by signing up for a fun run. These runs test your speed and endurance through the use of obstacles, mud, and even food. Lace up your sneakers, and get ready to conquer one of these Boston-area races.

Below, nine fun runs to check out this summer.

1. Big Man Run

You can train for this race by running—and eating. During this four mile run, you are required to stop at three stations where you must consume an eight ounce beer and a hot dog. Participants who lose their lunch will be disqualified. (Not a joke.)

6/27; race starts at 9 a.m.; $41 registration fee; 178 Green St., Worcester

2. Sasquatch Sprint Trail Race

Enjoy a natural obstacle course with this sprint through the trails of the Middlesex Fells. Following the race, there will be a celebration at the Stone Zoo with complimentary food and beer.

7/12; race starts at 9:30 a.m.; $35 registration fee; 149 Pond St., Stoneham

3. BattleFrog

The BattleFrog course uses SEAL-inspired obstacles for an intense race course. You can sign up for any four of the offered terrains: BattleFrog 8K, BattleFrog Xtreme, Bullfrog Mile, and the Tadpole Dash.

7/25; race starts at 8 a.m.; $5-$140 registration fee; 500 West St., Barre

4. LoziLu Women’s Mud Run

This trek through the mud benefits young children with cancer. Music is pumped throughout the course to keep you motivated and post-race there’s an afterparty with free swag and local vendors.

7/25; race starts at 9 a.m.; $64 registration fee; 318 Seven Bridge Rd., Lancaster

5. Color Me Rad

Throughout this 5K, packets of bright color will be thrown on all participants, making for a colorful finish. With each registration comes a free shirt, knee socks, and free photos of the race.

8/1; race starts at 9 a.m.; $50 registration fee; 443 Forest Ave., Brockton

6. Wipeout Run

Just like you’ve seen in the Wipeout TV show, this run is full of challenging obstacles that will test your strength. The 3.1 mile course is filled with eight obstacles, ranging from giant Sweeper arms to Wrecking Balls.

8/1; $65 registration fee; 1 Patriot Pl., Foxborough

7. Insane Inflatable 5K

Inflatable obstacles with steep climbs and bouncy surfaces will have you scrambling through this run. Run this race individually or with a team.

8/22; race starts at 8:45 a.m.; $54 registration fee; 1220 Nathan Ellis Hwy., East Falmouth

8. Blacklight Run

Make sure to wear all white during this night run. Throughout the race, you’ll also be doused with neon powder that will make you glow in a variety of colors.

8/29; race starts at 8 p.m.; $40 registration fee; 600 Belmont St., Brockton

9. Spartan Sprint

To test your physical and mental strength, sign up for this race. The three to five mile obstacle course challenges you with hills and swamps.

8/29, 8/30; race starts at 7:30 a.m.; $90-$115 registration fee; 500 West St., Barre