Classes We Love: Fusion at BFX Studio

Mixing Spinning with circuit training, Fusion is an hour-long workout that flies by.


A Fusion class at BFX. Photo provided to

What it is: Have you ever wanted to cry—out of boredom or exhaustion—after realizing you’re only halfway through your Spin class? If so, Fusion, a class at the newly-opened BFX Studio, may be for you. The hour-long class is split into two halves: 30 minutes of Spinning, and 30 minutes of circuit training exercises like weight lifting and cardio drills. Think of it like Barry’s Bootcamp, only with indoor cycling instead of treadmills.

Know before you go: The floor portion of Fusion uses a variety of props, like sandbags, weighted bean bags, and TRX suspensions, that you may not use in your everyday workout. Personally, I found it a nice way to keep things interesting, but if learning how to use new equipment stresses you out, you may want to arrive a little early to get acquainted with the setup.

The vibe: BFX is a great hybrid of boutique studio—think spa-like locker rooms and high-profile class offerings like Booty by Brabants—and old-school personal training services.

Fusion, specifically, feels intense but light-hearted. My instructor was encouraging but no-nonsense, and she occasionally pitted the riders against the floor athletes for a harmless dose of friendly competition. That motivation style may not be for everyone, but I know the high school athlete in me was encouraged to pedal a little faster.

The cost: Drop-in classes are $30. If you act before the end of June, you can take advantage of the Founder’s Rate promotion, which prices unlimited class passes at $149 per month. After that, the cost rises to $349 per month.

What to bring: Just a water bottle. You can wear your regular sneakers on BFX’s bikes, so no need to worry about bringing Spin shoes.

The bottom line: If you, like me, enjoy the idea of Spin but find yourself constantly glancing at the clock, or just can’t bring yourself to do a sitting-based workout after a day at the office, Fusion may be your new favorite. It went by fast and mixes intense cardio with working just about every muscle group in your body. You can’t ask for much more than that.

BFX Studio, 699 Boylston St., Boston;