Clover Food Lab Is Finally Opening Its Newbury Street Location

It will be a food truck attached to Hynes Convention Center station this summer.


Clover truck photo by Charlene McBride via Flickr/Creative Commons

UPDATED, March 21, 11:20 a.m.: After announcing this summer that its Newbury Street truck would open imminently, the Back Bay branch is finally plugged in and ready to go. The healthy fast casual chain has had a space on Newbury Street reserved for several years.


Get ready, chickpea fritter fans. Clover Food Lab is finally opening its Newbury Street location, called CloverNEW, within the next few weeks.

The company—known for its healthy, unique ingredients, lack of freezers, and fleet of food trucks—has had a spot staked out on Newbury with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sign since 2012, but has showed no indication of opening until now. CEO Ayr Muir told Eater that CloverNEW will be a “plug-in truck” attached to the Hynes Convention Center MBTA station, meaning it will be a food truck running solely on electricity drawn from Hynes, in compliance with the MBTA’s ban of on-site propane.

The truck is hiring employees now, and will be run by Mike Fitzhenry, who has worked as a chef at Mike & Patty’s, Formaggio Kitchen, and Hungry Mother in the past. Like Clover’s food trucks and other locations, CloverNEW will continue to serve up healthy, locally sourced vegetarian meals, made from scratch whenever possible.

Back Bay, get ready for your healthiest lunch break yet.