Boston Sports Clubs Is Offering Free Gym Access Anytime the Temperature Hits 90

The goal is to get outdoor exercisers inside during heat waves.


In the off chance you haven’t found a local free fitness class that fits your schedule, Boston Sports Clubs (BSC) has your back—in the form of free gym access. From today through August 31, the club will allow the public to work out for free whenever the temperature hits 90 degrees.

All you have to do is walk into one of BSC’s 27 locations around the state whenever the heat climbs and mention its heat wave promotion. In a statement, Patrick Walsh, executive chairman of BSC’s parent company Town Sports International, said the goal of the program is to protect outdoor exercisers from extreme heat:

“We are committed to keeping the communities and neighborhoods we serve healthy and there are safety concerns when people exercise in extreme heat,” says Patrick Walsh, Executive Chairman for Town Sports International. “That’s why we’re inviting everyone indoors to work out for free at our air-conditioned facilities in the middle of any heat wave.”

Given the forecast this week, cash-strapped gym rats have something to celebrate.