In Season: Peaches

There's no better time to eat this juicy summer fruit.


Stepping into a big box grocery store, it’s easy to think that all produce grows all year round—but that’s hardly the case. In this series, we’ll highlight one in-season produce pick a week.


Nutrition: Peaches are a good source of vitamin C, and they also contain vitamin A and a little iron.

Why that’s important: Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and keeps the immune system healthy, among other things; vitamin A keeps vision, the immune system, and the reproductive system functioning; and iron helps produce hemoglobin, which is necessary for distributing oxygen to the body.

Where to find them: Massachusetts has 94 pick-your-own peach farms, along with a host of farmers’ markets.

Five ways to use them: 

1. Peach and Pecan Quinoa Salad
via Recipe Girl

With fruit, veggies, nuts, and whole grains—plus a Greek yogurt-based dressing—this salad packs a well-rounded nutritional punch, making it a great option for summertime potlucks.

2. Chipotle Peach Chicken Tacos
via Sugar Dish Me

Peach lovers will be a fan of this recipe, which uses peach preserves in the tacos as well as a fresh peach salsa. If you’re looking to cut calories and/or carbs, use lettuce leaves instead of tortillas.

3. Berry Peachy Overnight Oats
via The Glowing Fridge

Love oatmeal but can’t bring yourself to eat a hot breakfast in the middle of summer? This vegan recipe has you refrigerate oats, chia seeds, fruit, and almond milk overnight for a creamy but cool next-day breakfast.

4. Fresh Peach Salsa
via Natasha’s Kitchen

Say goodbye to queso. This produce-heavy dip, featuring peaches, tomatoes, and peppers, would pair well with whole wheat crackers or tortilla chips.

5. Clean Peach Crumble
via Amy’s Healthy Baking

With no refined sugars and a topping made from oats and whole wheat flour, this is a dessert option you don’t have to feel guilty about. It could even double as breakfast the next morning.