Taco Party and Sabertooth Bakery Are Opening an All-Vegan Restaurant in Somerville

The Ball Square store is set to open later this summer.

Taco Party

Taco Party’s food truck.

The days of “vegan food” being a euphemism for “sad salad” are officially over. The latest proof? Taco Party, known for its vegan taco truck, will co-habituate with Sabertooth Vegan Bakery in Somerville’s Ball Square beginning later this summer.

The new shop, at 711 Broadway, will be the first brick-and-mortar location for both businesses. Taco Party announced this spring that it would open a storefront with desserts supplied by Sabertooth, but news of a permanent on-site partnership with the bakery—known for its animal-friendly donuts, cakes, and cookies—wasn’t reported until this week. Taco Party has said that it will add to its popular menu of vegan tacos and build out its tostada and aguas frescas options at the new restaurant.

The new vegan haven illustrates just how popular once-obscure restrictive diets have become. Gluten-free bakeries have been popping up around the city for years, and more restaurants than ever offer meat-, gluten- and dairy-free menu options. Veggie-friendly restaurants, like Clover Food Labs, are also expanding, and it seems like a new juice bar opens every week.

In other words: There’s never been a better time to be a vegan in Boston. Now go get yourself a jackfruit taco to celebrate.