Sarah Dussault Is Launching SFit Gym, A Members-Only Personal Training Site

The blogger and YouTube star will start the online gym on August 12.

Sarah Dussault

Dussault in action. Photo provided to

Local health blogger and YouTube personality Sarah Dussault—perhaps better known as Sarah Fit—is expanding her fitness offerings to include a members-only online personal training program.

On August 12, Dussault will launch SFit Gym, a website where she’ll post two or three new workout videos every week. Each video will be less than 20 minutes long, and will fit into one of three categories: strength mixed with cardio, spot-specific strength training, or short-but-challenging weekend workouts. Followers can use the other days of the week for cardio or rest, Dussault says.

“I wanted to expand my brand to include an online gym because my viewers wanted more real-time workouts, and I wanted to give my Boston clients something they could do on the road,” Dussault says. “I travel a ton and heard from many fans that they wanted workouts they could do at home or on the road.”

For $9.95 per month, SFit Gym members will have access to the entire library of videos, but Dussault says the intention is to complete each workout on its suggested day. As for why someone should sign up for SFit, Dussault says the proof is in the results.

“They are much harder [than my YouTube videos],” Dussault says. “I noticed my body change dramatically after filming the first three months. I was more toned, stronger, and had better endurance.”