Boston Is One of Three Test Cities for the New Sephora Box

Plus: The company is starting 'epic rewards' launching this week.

In what can only be described as a “what took you so long” moment, the happiest place on Earth (for adults like myself), Sephora, is finally launching a subscription box. (I mean, honestly, if the San Fransisco-based company launched one from the beginning, would Birchbox—created by Harvard Business School founders—be worth a rumored $500 million? We’ll never know.) But now, just when you thought we’ve reached peak subscription box, Sephora is finally entering the market.

Dubbing the new service “Play! By Sephora,” each monthly box will have a different theme (makeup, skin care, hair care, etc.) and cost $10 a month. The first box has already been announced and will feature products from Bumble and bumble, Marc Jacobs, Sephora’s in-house brand, and Ole Henriksen.

The best part (for us) is that the new service is only launching in three cities to start, and Boston is one of them—the other two are Columbus and Cincinnati. The service launches in September and will expand later in the year.

The news is out, but it doesn’t seem like Sephora is ready yet: The link provided ( isn’t taking signups at this time (we’ve tried). So stay tuned. Meanwhile, in other Sephora news, on Monday, the company is expected to announce “epic rewards,” and offer freebies for people who have been hoarding collecting points as if it would help feed them in a blizzard. These amazing rewards include full collections from brands such as Stila and Drybar, handbags from Elizabeth and James and Tory Burch, and even a trip to Paris.

If only I had saved more points from all these years, I’d be going to Paris! Le sigh.