Boston City Council Announces Guidelines for Hotel Hygiene and Safety

Boston Safe Hotels aims to keep guests and employees healthier.

It’s time to stop freaking out over how gross your hotel duvet is. The Boston City Council announced Wednesday a voluntary set of hotel hygiene standards, called Boston Safe Hotels, aimed at keeping hotel guests and employees safe and healthy.

The news comes after employees at the Wyndham Beacon Hotel staged a high-profile protest earlier this summer in response to what they claimed were routine exposures to biohazards and medical waste, likely due to the hotel’s proximity to several hospitals. Though the hotel maintained that its workers were not at risk, the story still raised some questions about the cleanliness of local establishments.

Boston Safe Hotels is only a set of guidelines, not a mandatory policy, but it sets forth standards for dealing with everything from safely disposing of biohazards and bugs to recognizing and reacting to signs of human trafficking. Participating hotels will also be given the necessary resources to train their employees on sanitation policies, and ensure that they have tools like sanitizing chemicals, needle disposal containers, gloves and face masks, and uniform coverings.

In a statement, City Counsilor Ayanna Pressley said the guidelines put Boston at the forefront of a new movement for better hygiene in hotels:

“Boston hotels have an opportunity to show national leadership on hotel safety,” said Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley. “We want people who travel to Boston and stay in our hotels to know we’ve gone the extra mile to keep them safe.”