John Farrell Diagnosed with Lymphoma

He will step down for the remainder of the season.

John Farrell

Red Sox manager John Farrell revealed Friday that he has been diagnosed with localized and highly-curable lymphoma.

In a statement, an emotional Farrell, 53, said that he was in treatment for a hernia in Detroit this past Monday when doctors discovered a mass.

“Thankfully it was detected in the hernia surgery,” Farrell said. “So I can honestly say I’m extremely fortunate it was found. There’s going to be a good outcome to this.”

The mass has been removed, and he’s set to begin chemotherapy next week at Mass General.

Lymphoma, a blood cancer that develops in the lymphatic system, is common and Farrell is not expected to need additional surgery.

The news came as a shock to everyone. Farrell developed a hernia after throwing an equipment bag in New York on Aug. 6. Then, on Monday Aug. 10, the cancer was discovered. Somehow, Farrell kept it calm and quiet, and managed the team for another two days before telling Red Sox GM Ben Cherington on Wednesday. The players found out Friday, just before the news went public.

Farrell, who joked that he “hopes to be back next season,” taking a jab at the team’s dismal performance this season, has won two World Series titles with the Red Sox, first as the pitching coach in 2007, and most recently as manager in 2013. He will step down for the remainder of the season, and bench coach Torey Lovullo will manage in his absence.