These Are the Most Beautiful Watermelon Recipes Ever

Make the most of this summer staple while you still can.

Thinking of turning on the oven to cook dinner this week? Get real. Instead, ditch the heavy appliances and whip up something light, fresh, and most importantly, easy. When looking for a late-summer recipe, opt for an ingredient that is luscious and sweet: watermelon. It’s pretty, cheap, and easy to work with.

Below, we found six stunning watermelon dishes, perfect for your end-of-season soirée. Check the Instagram link to create each recipe yourself. In some cases, all you need is a knife.

1. Not pizza

2. Watermelon slushy

3. All you need is a knife.

4. Seriously, just a knife and you have dinner.

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5. Watermelon carpaccio? Yes, please.

6. Pizza all day.