Lynn Resident Says ABC’s Save My Life Show Actually Saved His Life

In real life.

Screenshot and video provided by ABC.

Screenshot and video provided by ABC.

Millions of Americans have been watching Save My Life: Boston Trauma every week, but for Lynn resident Dana Mower, the program provided a lot more than entertainment: It saved his life.

Mower, 71, was featured Thursday morning on Good Morning America for his extraordinary story of luck and intuition. He was watching an episode of the hit show that showed a man complaining of what he thought was just heartburn and indigestion, but it turned out he was actually having a heart attack.

As Mower watched the program, he felt similar symptoms, and rather than take chances, he went to the emergency room at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“The whole team just jumped right on me. The doctors in there were fantastic. They work as a team; like a well-oiled machine,” Mower said on Good Morning America Thursday.

The real coincidence came as Mower’s doctor entered his room: He was seen by Dr. Kevin Croce, who is one of the doctors shown on Save My Life.

“That was like an unreal situation,” Mower said. “You go in and I say, ‘Doctor, you know, I was just watching you last night on TV. And all of the sudden here I am.’”

While they had a laugh over the experience, Croce had to inform Mower that he was, in fact, having a heart attack and needed emergency surgery.

“It was a coincidence and it was actually quite nice to see that our efforts in participating in the show were paying off a day after it aired in terms of helping someone out,” Croce said in a statement.

The hospital says that Mower is recovering comfortably.

Check out the Good Morning America segment below:

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