A UMass Pre-Med Student Is Supposedly Dating Drake (Again)

She also just happens to be the greatest athlete of all time.

Photo by Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock.com

Photo by Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock.com

To begin, I must start with this: Serena Williams is the greatest of all time. The real GOAT. Not just the greatest female athlete of all time; not just the greatest tennis player of all time; but the greatest athlete (any gender, any sport) of all time. Of all time! That’s my opinion (for at least five years now), and I’m sticking to it.

That’s why last fall, I was thrilled to be able to finally claim Ms. Williams as one of our own. She tweeted last November that she is pre-med* at UMass.

Multiple requests to interview Ms. Williams about this decision have been repeatedly denied (but hey, at least they are getting back to me! Thanks publicists!). Is it for real? Has Ms. Williams decided on a post-tennis career path or is she just interested in medical school because she already knows so much about the human body and medical treatments? She told the Sunday Telegraph that she wants to focus on holistic medicine.

Now, before you start stalking the dorms, it’s clear that Ms. Williams is not living in Massachusetts during the semesters. She attends the UMass University Without Walls program, where students can take their classes online, in-school, or a combo of both.

In addition to being the GOAT, Williams is also a fashion designer, nail artist, and a spokeswoman for a variety of brands.

Now, Ms. Williams is in the news for her personal life. She was spotted making out with a Canadian fan in a Cincinnati restaurant this weekend—after winning her 69th WTA tournament. This fan has been identified as the rapper Drake. Perhaps you’ve heard him? He started at the bottom, and now he’s supposedly dating the GOAT.

Have fun celebrating your latest win, Serena! But don’t forget the fall semester starts in a week.

*Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story stated that Ms. Williams is a medical student. She is pre-med. We regret the error.