Candies to Enjoy and Avoid This Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, local dentists Anna Berik and Linda Vidone tell us which candies to keep—and which to toss—if you don’t want cavities.



Candy Bars

Chocolate dissolves quickly, Berik notes, which minimizes the amount of time sugar is on the teeth. Bonus points for dark varieties.

Sugar-Free Gum

Vidone says chewing gum made with Xylitol can increase saliva production, washing away dangerous bacteria and enamel-eroding acids.


Powdery Candies

Yes, Pixy Stix are basically pure sugar. But since they only linger on the tongue for a few seconds, Vidone says teeth are mostly spared



These classic candies can get lodged in your pearly whites, Berik says, increasing the risk
of cavities.

Hard Candies

They coat teeth with sugar, Vidone says, and kids risk chipping a tooth if they bite down
too hard.


Swedish Fish

Super-sweet and sticky, Berik declares these treats a dentist’s worst nightmare.