Hiking Within Boston’s City Limits

Four steep local hills make for challenging urban climbs.

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Mount Vernon Street
Beacon Hill
Distance: .27 miles
Elevation change: 84 feet

This short, steep climb takes you up that shining hill and straight into the 19th century, complete with historical townhouses and brick pavers (which can get slippery when wet).

Caspian Way
Starting at Savin Hill Avenue, Savin Hill
Distance: .08 miles
Elevation change: 63 feet

After a brutal ascent, you’re rewarded with scenic views of Boston Harbor and the Blue Hills.

Summit Avenue
Starting at Beacon Street, Brookline
Distance: .9 miles
Elevation change: 185 feet

The locally created, free fitness phenomenon November Project incorporates this legendary path into its running route. In the winter, its members sometimes shovel a few driveways along the way.

G Street
From East 6th Street to William J. Day Boulevard, South Boston
Distance: .2 miles
Elevation change: 96 feet

With the beach on one side and bustling Broadway on the other, this quick hill sees a lot of running action in all four seasons.