Polar Seltzer Released Its Latest Batch of Seasonal Flavors

We taste-tasted the five winter flavors to guide your holiday imbibing this year.

Polar seasonal flavors

The 2015 Polar Seltzer seasonal flavors. Photo by Toan Trinh

Seltzer fans, Christmas has come early. The winter 2015 batch of Polar Seltzer seasonal flavors was announced today, and it includes tart cherry and lime, winter citrus and berry, blackberry apple, champagne strawberry, and cranberry and clementine.

Devoted seltzer drinkers will notice that champagne strawberry and cranberry and clementine are repeats from last year, but the other three are all new for 2015. Unlike seasonal flavors of winters past that embraced holiday sweets—ahem, eggnog and candy cane—this year’s batch is focused on fruit flavors that pair well with traditional winter dishes and cocktails. Just like all of the Worcester-based company’s products, the line is calorie-free and 70 percent of its flavors come from “aroma.” The limited-release flavors will be available until January 2016.

To guide you in your holiday imbibing, three Boston staffers—health writer Jamie Ducharme, assistant digital editor Olga Khvan, and health intern Dana Guth—taste-tested the new offerings. Here’s what we thought:

1. Winter Citrus and Berry

  • “Pleasant and refreshing.” — OK
  • “This one smells good. Very refreshing.” — JD
  • “Reminds me of grapefruits and swimming pools.” — DG

2. Champagne Strawberry

  • “I don’t know how I feel about this one. The name was intriguing, but the flavor is just okay.” — OK
  • “Pretty basic, but tasty.” — DG
  • “Not my favorite, but I can get behind this.” — JD

3. Blackberry Apple

  • “I had high hopes for this one, but I don’t taste much apple.” — JD
  • “This is the most wintery.” — DG
  • “There’s a slight apple aftertaste.” — OK

4. Cranberry and Clementine

  • “Very strong, but I like it.” — DG
  • “It has a bitter aftertaste that I’m not a huge fan of.” — JD
  • “Nothing really stands out to me.” — OK

5. Tart Cherry and Lime

  • “Drinking this is like swishing water and a cough drop.” — DG
  • “There’s a faint taste of cough syrup.” — JD
  • “Agreed. Tastes like medicine.” — OK