There Will Be a Fitness Flashmob in Copley Square This Weekend

It'll be held on Saturday and involve bootcamp drills and Zumba routines.

If you’ll be near Copley Square on Saturday afternoon, you’d better bring your sneakers. Fit University and Balanced Bod are hosting what they believe will be the city’s first-ever fitness flashmob.

The event will work just like the classic flashmobs blowing up your Facebook feed, except those in the know will be launching into bootcamp drills and Zumba routines instead of a jazzy dance. Oh, and participants are encouraged to dress in costumes in honor of Halloween.

“It’s a great way to make it eye-catching and show people that fitness can be a million different things,” says Fit University founder Sarah Gaines. “It can be fun and spontaneous and exciting.”

One of the Zumba routines is already posted on Fit University’s Facebook page and more of the moves are to come, but Gaines says not to worry if you can’t practice beforehand. “The idea is that it will be really easy so people who haven’t seen it can just jump right in,” she says.

As for why you should go, Gaines has a simple answer: “Everyone loves a good flashmob.”

The flashmob will start at 1 p.m. on October 31 in Copley Square. Visit for more information.