The Super-Luxe Rooms at MGH and Brigham and Women’s

Both hospitals have floors with luxury amenities. Here's how they stack up.

MGH and Brigham and Women’s house amenity-laden floors with rooms that evoke a pied-à-terre more than a hospital. Both also form the backbone of Partners HealthCare, the local medical juggernaut. So who wins this case of sibling rivalry?

Phillips House at Massachusetts General Hospital

Photographs by Sarah Fisher

Phillips House at Massachusetts General Hospital

What You’ll Pay: $434 per day

How Hard Is It to Get In?: 59 rooms

About That View…: Boston Harbor, Zakim and Longfellow bridges, Charles River

Creature Comforts: Mahogany doors and trim, a guest bed for visitors, tea in a lounge featuring an 18th-century English grandfather clock, complimentary massages.

Latest Renovation: 2007

On the Menu: Special requests are standard. Patients on liquid diets have been known to receive black-and-white frappes.

What Patients Say: “The people who came to visit me seemed stunned. My father-in-law kept going on and on, like it was where a Kennedy would be put.” —Jennifer Klahn, a nonprofit fundraiser who was moved to Phillips after a pregnancy complication.

— vs. —

Brigham and Women’s Shapiro Tower Pavilion

Photographs courtesy of Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Brigham and Women’s Shapiro Tower Pavilion

What You’ll Pay: $300–$800 per day

How Hard Is It to Get In?: 14 rooms

About That View: Jamaica Pond, the Emerald Necklace, the Esplanade

Creature Comforts: Private kitchenette, high-thread-count sheets, full-size tiled bath, spa-worthy terrycloth robes, pavilion concierge, concealed medical apparatuses.

Latest Renovation: 2012

On the Menu: A dedicated chef prepares delicacies like crab cakes and lobster ravioli, served on fine china atop white-linen tablecloths with freshly snipped flowers.

What Patients Say: “It’s almost like you’re not in a hospital. It’s like you’re in a hotel room. It’s an enormous suite.” —Sandro Roffo, who had a kidney removed at Shapiro, and who compares his in-room meals to “room service coming from a five-star chef.”


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