Health Commission Confirms Chipotle Patrons Not Sick with E. Coli

None of the 91 people sickened after eating there tested positive for E. coli.

In what is hopefully the final chapter of the ongoing Cleveland Circle Chipotle saga, the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) has confirmed that patrons sickened after eating at the restaurant are not infected with E. coli.

The announcement comes after a joint investigation by the BPHC, the City of Boston Inspectional Services Department, and the Massachusetts Department of Health. Lab testing has confirmed the presence of norovirus at the restaurant, but none of the 91 affected patrons tested positive for E. coli.

The BPHC warned that norovirus is highly contagious—there are already reports of the disease spreading, especially among Boston College students—and encouraged those who may be at risk of contracting it to wash hands frequently, avoid sharing food or beverages, and to stay home from school or work if necessary.

Chipotle founder Steve Ells apologized for the outbreak on the Today show this morning, adding that the Cleveland Circle restaurant, which remains closed, is currently being deep-cleaned to prepare for re-opening.