Room in Room Is a Cozy, Heat-Trapping Fort For Adults

It circulates warm air to keep out the cold and slash your heating bill.

Room in Room photo provided to Boston Magazine.

Room in Room photos provided to

Who says forts are for kids? When all you want to do is get toasty in bed without cranking the heat, a startup called Room in Room is there to help.

Room in Room is essentially a bed-top tent for adults, providing a private, heat-trapping space that sits right atop your mattress. It’s made of heat-conserving cotton textiles that block out cold air while warmth circulates inside. Translation? A warmer winter, without the bills.

“Our target audience is literally anyone who [has] ever felt cold going to sleep in winter,” says founder Jennifer Park. “Specifically, if you are afraid of receiving yet another overpriced heating bill.” Sound familiar, Bostonians?

The first Room in Rooms will be optimized for phone and laptop use, so no screen time will be lost while you get cozy. Park says the tent, which can get more than 10 degrees warmer than its surroundings, makes a great college dorm study space or romantic hideaway with a small environmental footprint.

The concept was imported from South Korea, where indoor tents have grown in popularity over the past few years, Park says. “After trying it once, I found myself using it all the time,” she remembers, insisting that the temperature difference can be significant.

It doesn’t look like Boston residents need much convincing. In only four days, Room in Room’s Kickstarter campaign plowed through its $10,000 goal, scoring triple that amount in under a month. Park, who runs the company out of Chestnut Hill, plans to reward her hundreds of backers by delivering the first run of tents in early January.

Room in Room prices vary by bed size. Come 2016, they’ll be on the market for between $100 and $145 each.

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