In Season: Clementines

Bring some citrus to your diet with a juicy 'Christmas orange.'


Nutrition: These little guys are more than just baby oranges. They actually have less sugar and even more vitamin C than their larger cousin, with one clementine providing about half of your daily vitamin C requirement.

Why that matters: Vitamin C can help push the immune system through flu season, all while keeping skin looking fresh. Clementines are also rich in dietary fiber, which promotes a healthy digestive tract, and beta carotene, which boosts eyesight.

Where to find them: Clementines are generally available by the carton in the produce aisle—and since they’re cheap and bountiful, one purchase can easily make for dozens of holiday recipes.

Five clementine recipes:

1. Sweet Potato Bisque with Clementines and Sage
via Vegetarian Times 

Heat up this spicy bisque for some gratifying warmth as winter closes in. The aromatic ginger, onion, nutmeg, and parsnips complement the potato’s creamy richness. Clementines add complexity and unexpected zest.

2. Effortless Clementine, Carrot, and Mint Salad
via Food52

This simple recipe is perfect for tangy, refreshing tapas. The raw carrots add earthy crunch, while the onion and mint help bring out the clementine’s juicy sweetness. As a bonus, just about every ingredient is in season.

3. Clementine Chia Pudding
via Yummly 

Chia seed pudding is a modern health-nut classic. If you’re new to the bandwagon, simply soak a handful of seeds in a cup of low-fat milk, refrigerate overnight, and top with clementines in the morning for a sweet and filling breakfast.

4. Cod with Broiled Clementine and Avocado
via The Best Life

Impress your dinner guests with this lean and flavorful dish. Simply food-process the avocado with chives and olive oil, broil the cod, and coat it in a sweet clementine glaze. Bonus health points for serving it over a salad.

5. Sin Cai Boa (Vegetable Lettuce Wraps)
via The Food Network

This Chinese-inspired appetizer is a rare trifecta: an easy, healthy comfort food. Go easy on the oil to really let the produce steal the show.