Getting Healthy Is the Most Popular 2016 Resolution in Massachusetts

'Enjoying life to the fullest' is the most common New Year's resolution nationwide.


Image via GOBankingRates

If you’re like many Massachusetts residents, 2016 is (hopefully) going to be the year of salad, squats, and sleep.

That’s because, according to a survey from GOBankingRates, the most popular resolution in the Commonwealth this year is to live a healthier lifestyle—not surprising, given our perennial status as one of the healthiest states in the country. Nearly every other New England state selected weight loss as top priority for 2016.

About 5,000 respondents were asked to choose their resolutions from seven possible options: enjoy life to the fullest; live a healthier lifestyle; lose weight; save more, spend less; spend more time with family and friends; pay down debt; or none of the above. About a third of people nationwide selected ‘none of the above,’ but among those who answered, ‘enjoy life to the fullest’ was the pick for 45.7 percent of respondents, followed by ‘live a healthier lifestyle’ at 41.1 percent and ‘lose weight’ at 39.6 percent.

The study also found that women set more resolutions than men, and Millennials are more likely to set multiple resolutions than any other age group. A little more than half of respondents said they only set one resolution, while an optimistic 23.7 percent set two or three.

Go forth, Massachusetts. Your gyms and juice bars await.