The Melanoma Foundation Is Giving Out Free Sunscreen Dispensers

The group will also be adding more dispensers to Boston parks and beaches this year.


Dispenser photo provided by MFNE

Christmas may be over, but the Melanoma Foundation of New England (MFNE) wants businesses and towns to give the gift of sun protection in 2016.

You may remember the MFNE as the group that began outfitting some of Boston’s parks with free sunscreen dispensers this summer. Now, it’s launching an initiative called Practice Safe Skin, which encourages businesses, non-profits, cities, and towns to install sunscreen dispensers everywhere from public beaches and parks to office buildings and sports arenas.

Starting today and running through March 30, towns and non-profits across the country can apply to receive a limited number of free sunscreen dispensers from the MFNE, with priority given to New England organizations. For-profit businesses and larger organizations can purchase the dispensers, which cost $400 for the container and a 670-application bag of sunscreen, directly.

In addition, the MFNE is planning to donate sunscreen dispensers to more Boston parks, beaches, and green spaces this year, and to expand the program to other cities.

In a statement, MFNE Executive Director Deb Girard said she hopes the dispensers soon lose their novelty factor. “We hope these bright yellow sunscreen dispensers will become as ubiquitous as hand sanitizer over the next few years in businesses and recreation areas across the country,” she says.

Towns and charities can apply for free dispensers here, while other organizations can purchase them here.